be nice to your hair and buy it a sultra the bombshell

Sephora is so stingy with their discounts, anytime that I get some kind of percent off from them I feel obligated to use it, which is how I ended up with the Sultra The Bombshell 1" curling iron a few months ago. Well, the discount and the fact that all of the YouTube videos that I had seen using this iron ended with hair going from flat to Victoria's Secret worthy waves. 

A funny thing happened when this arrived though: I took it out of the box and immediately placed it back in the box and under my bed, not unlike how I used to store a scary porcelain doll when I was ten so it couldn't attack me at night. I mean, this thing looked like some sort of torture device. The creepy pink glove, complete with the warning "THIS IS NOT HEAT-RESISTANT. DO NOT HOLD IRON TO GLOVE" (or something of that nature) did not help the matter. So the very expensive iron sat untouched for about 4 months. Seriously - I was that concerned/scarred to death. 

Then, sigh, vanity got the best of me. My hair has gone from white to almost black to light brown in less than a year, and is errr...not in the best condition, to say the least. I have been slathering it in Terax for a few months though, and it finally looks like it may not fall out. This of course has made me want to dye it again, but I had told myself no color until fall, so I needed to change it up in another way. I usually straighten it, but for some reason the other day I remembered that I had the Sultra hidden away under my bead and decided to face my fears. 

Thank baby Jesus that I did, because that thing is AH-MAZE-ING! I highly recommend watching this video before using the iron because you don't hold it like you would a conventional clip iron, and because it is hilar when their spokesperson refers to said stupid pink glove as "super sexy", which it is NOT. I sectioned my hair off in four sections and started on the right-front section, working my way around my head the same way they do in the video and ended up with gorgeous, beachy waves in about 20 minutes. I think that it will go much faster in the future now that I have the hang of it and am not fearful for my life. Aside from fearing for my neck and hands I also feared for my hair, but the Sultra didn't damage my hair at all and the waves stayed in place for two days. 

I would suggest getting the 3/4" if your hair doesn't at least touch your shoulders because the 1" is pretty large. And for goodness sake, throw the stupid glove away and just make sure to be very careful when wrapping hair around the iron as not to burn your hand off. 


  1. Anonymous6/02/2012

    I love your hair curled. It looks fabulous ! I am on a shopping ban. But, this is tempting. Although, the price tag is insane, lol. I may just stick with my con air curler !

  2. Great post! Your hair looks fabulous :)

    I saw a video on this product and thought it was great! I'd be scared to use it without the glove! I don't know if I could afford it without a discount, but I really want to try to find a deal on this thing!

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