jefferson shoes: the anti-croc in adorable pastels

I am convinced that Crocs were invented by someone at Vogue Magazine in order to easily spot people with questionable taste. Yes, they may be light and comfortable, but they make adults look like they have Mickey Mouse feet (and that is me being nice about them and the people that wear them). 
Jefferson Shoes are also light and comfortable, but they come in a wide range of colors, including pastels, and classic styles like boats and mods. They are even adding a rain boot to their SS12 collection called the Paddington that will make your Hunter's jelly.

Be the first of your friends to grab a pair for summer, and if you're wearing them and someone says "oh, those are like Crocs", don't be offended - just give them a disapproving look and say a silent prayer for them...


  1. I have an adorable pair of teal & hot pink flats that are crocs.... Have you checked out their site? But if you mean traditional crocs yes they're ugly. I am friends with nurses who love them though!

    1. I have Stephanie, and I do like some of their new styles. I was referring the the scary mouse feet version of Crocs. They are great for chefs and nurses - I just get scared when people wear them with dresses and jeans out. :)