jergens natural glow foaming daily moisturizer

Recently I went on a three day trip with seven of my girlfriends. Between the booze and shopping we had a lot of time to talk beauty products; what we had tried recently and whether or not we loved it. My girlfriend Heather looked very tan, which is odd because I know that she is all about sunblock and doesn't  do tanning beds (because they are evil and can kill you). Others noticed her glowing limbs as well, and when asked what the deal was, she proclaimed her love for Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer.

I was already a fan of the Jergens Natural Glow Lotion prior to discovering the fluffy foamy goodness of their newest self tanner. The only issues I had with the lotion was that it seemed to be streaky on the legs the first few times you use it (until you achieve a glow) and it smelled umm...non-natural. Kind of like a dirty tanning salon, which is not an attractive summer scent. 

 After shaking the hell out of the container of Foaming Daily Moisturizer - a must, otherwise it's runny, I spread this thickly all over my legs, arms, chest and torso. Then I go back and rub it into my skin in a circular motion, making sure not to miss any areas. I don't find this to be moisturizing at all, but I do tend to have dry skin. It does, however, give my skin an amazingly natural glow in a few hours that builds each time I use it. I also love that this dries very quickly, is not sticky at all and has virtually no oder! For under $10 a bottle I would highly suggest buying this in bulk. It would also make a great summertime birthday or baby shower present for your ginger/pale friends. I know mine are getting some! 


  1. Anonymous5/17/2012

    must try !