the updated friendship bracelet from lemon & line

I am thrilled with the recent arm-candy obsession that can be seen all over the internet in recent months. It seems like every third Instagram picture in my feed is of a cute girl with a wrist piled nearly to her elbow with chains, watches and beaded bracelets. It is WONDERFUL! 

An arm full of interesting baubles can spice up just about any outfit and does not have to be an expensive investment. I like to mix edgy bracelets (spikes and studs anyone?), a gold Marc Jacobs watch and a few feminine pieces such as the Newport by Lemon & Line. Lemon & Line is a site full of    nautically inspired rope bracelets in bright colors, all for around $25. The jewelry is hand-crafted in Newport Rhode Island and currently has three collections available, as well as a LTD collection. I am especially in love with the fact that the bracelets come in a range of sizes for those of us with wrists that stopped growing when we were 10.

Purchase four or five of these and give them out to your friends - that way when you're out together people will think that you're part of a secret club. A secret club whose members have really good taste.


  1. Anonymous5/25/2012

    Tres Chic


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