fall must-have: jeffrey campbell venice hidden wedge

I am not what you would ever refer to as "sporty"; I did catch some of the Olympics, but that was only to check out the Ralph Lauren uniforms that people were complaining about. I do, however, love jeans.  I get tired of the jean/boot combo, sometimes heels are not appropriate, I certainly am not going to sport Nikes if I am not going to the gym...so what the hell do you wear when trying to be somewhat casual but not boring, dressy without a heel, somewhat sporty without a (gasp) sneaker...? 

I suggest the Jeffrey Campbell Venice Hidden Wedge. This the sneaker that sneakers would make if they could make themselves. Right? Sneakers would want to be sleek looking, made of luxurious suede and at least three inches tall if they had a choice. The Venice Wedge is all of those things and comes in navy, tan, olive (shown above) and black. They retail for around $160, which is not bad at all considering most running shoes are around the same price and don't even make you look taller, WTF. 

I have seen these at Nordstom, Singer22 and Nasty Gal online, but grab them fast because they are having a hard time keeping them in stock! 


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