i know you've already heard, but essie vermillionaire is one of the greatest polishes on earth

So even though you can find 18,000 pictures of this truly amazing polish online, here is one more for you! 

This is, in my correct opinion, one of the most versatile polishes out there. In a lot of the pictures I have seen of it the color comes across as a lot more orange than I actually think that it looks on. It is hard to capture it in a picture and I think (after around 20 tries) that I finally was able to get a picture that shows this as a true orange-red coral. So pretty. I honestly reach for this color one out of every 3 times I paint my nails. Does that make sense? What I mean is I use it a TON. 

This color looks amazing on just about any skin tone and works for any season, just adding to its pure awesomeness. Essie polish also dries very quickly, so If I am getting ready to go out and not feeling very fancy this polish is a quick way to feel, well, more polished? 

I am wearing two coats of Essie Vermillionaire with Seche Vite base and top coat. Get it. You need it. 


  1. Okay, then. I'm sold. I neeed this! Haha :)

    1. It would look gorge on you! Only $8...

  2. Love the color- it's so happy.


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