i'm kind of obsessed with buxom lip polish

At one point in time I thought that Chanel Glossimers were the only lip glosses in the world worth spending over $20 on. Then one day I picked up a Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish because I was in dire need of a nude for the evening and happened to be by a Sephora and a store associate told me they were her favorite. So I bought one, applied it, the skies parted, my lips looked amazing, birds sang....

So that may be a teeny bit overly dramatic, but I was extremely impressed by the formulation of Buxom's lip polish as well as their color range (not that it matters much to me - I buy a wide variety of nudes, almost exclusively). The best part is, they are only around $19! FREE! These have amazing staying power and one tube, which is 0.14oz, lasts me about 3 months; that is with a minimum of twice daily applications. Minimum as in if I were sick in bed and only was able to feebly lift arm twice to apply lip gloss. Realistically, let's say probably more like five times a day. 

Pictured here is one of their makeup sets that was offered last Christmas, so sorry, but I don't think it is available any longer. They have sets often though that offer the chance to try several colors for a little bit of a discount, as well as another product such as an eye liner or mascara. I usually start with a set that carries smaller sizes of products when trying a new brand. I believe right now Buxom has one available called the Passport Collection that has a gloss, mascara, shadow and blush in a travel case that's a great deal. Google it. 

I went ahead and swatched the gloss because even though Laura isn't available it is a very close dupe for Buxom'x Big Healthy lip cream in Berry Blast (available at Sephora dot com). Although I usually stick with varying shades of nude, I have worn this all summer and feel like it is the perfect pop of color when wearing just foundation, bronzer and a little mascara. The Lip Tarnish swatched on the bottom is an almost exact match for one also available at Sephora called Candy Pink. I use the Lip Tarnish as a liner, fill in my lips and then go over it with the Lip Polish. 

In fact, I think I will go do that right now! 


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