all candles should be voluspa candles

I am in love with Voluspa Candles. Not just because they have names like "crisp champagne" and make your entire home smell delishes, but also due to the face that they burn forever, don't give off that odd black smoke that some candles do and come in extremely attractive containers. Packaging is everything. To those of us that shop to much. 

They are not inexpensive (they run around $16), but to me if a candle looks and smells amazing it is worth a few extra dollars, especially since these burn for quit some time. I say that because I went to purchase candles at Target the other day and most of there candles were at least $10, were not in cute containers and had fragrance names like "piney winter fig" ??. Maybe I need to start a candle company if people will purchase a $10 candle that smells like piney fruit.  

Another plus - once the candle has burned out, stick the container in the freezer so that you can easily tap of any remains of wax with a knife and then wash it in the dishwasher. They are gorgeous and perfect for housing jewelry, knick-knacks, or, from what I hear, exactly two pounds of peanut M&Ms. 

You will feel way better about having a two pound bag of M&Ms if it it is housed in an attractive container. Trust me. 


  1. I love Voluspa candles! Everything is perfection - the wax, packaging, fragrances and price. No one nails everything the way Voluspa does and the owners are the best. I have a candle crush on the new votive container. It's crazy adorable!!

  2. I love that scent in the picture! it's white truffle cocoa!!!


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