arm candy from gypsy warrior

I am a huge fan of everything on Gypsy Warrior website, but I am especially fond of their jewelry. They have an ever-changing collection of gorgeous pieces at extremely reasonable prices (like between $15 and $45, or as I like to call it, free). 

I ordered this pink skull bracelet a few days ago and it showed up yesterday and has been on my arm ever since. It is adjustable, which I love, and looks amazing with my watch and a few silver bangles. The Pink Skull Bangle is $18 and you need it!! Well, maybe need is not the right way to put it...have to have it? Should order one or you may regret it forever? Either way, it's kind of amaze and my new favorite thing. 

I hope everyone is having a happy Saturday! I'm trying to find the will power to get my apartment decorated for my favorite holiday, Halloween. For now I guess having a skull around my wrist will have to do.


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