dr lipp nipple balm for lips - no, really

My obsession for lip products runs deep. While others are out there searching for the latest and greatest mascara or foundation, I am in constant search of anything that will allow me to apply the most ridiculously nude, matte lip color without looking..well, ridic. 

This nipple balm, which from here on out I will refer to as a lip balm (because I haven't used it on my nipples - yet) does just that. For $14.50 at Sephora, this 100% natural lip balm makes lips ridiculously soft and smooth, without being sticky or smelling obnoxious. Actually, it has virtually no smell, something that I personally love in a lip balm. Who wants to spray pricey cologne just to end up smelling like a giant strawberry? Not I. 

I think the greatest thing about Dr. Lip Nipple Balm For Lips is that it is the first lip balm I have applied at night and that actually gives you amazingly soft lips by morning, without ending up on your pillow, or in your hair. Or all over your face. You get it. 

The company uses medical-grade lanolin in the balm that is known to smooth and heal dry lips, cuticles, patches of eczema, and yes, it even can make your nipples softer! Apparently. Again, not how I have used it. 

Bonus: Their website is extremely cute and has an icon that you can click on which explains the whole nipple situation that is simply labeled "Nipples". Trust me - you will find yourself wanting to click on it once you see it. Or maybe it's just me? Either way, may lips feel and look kind of amazing...

*Product provided by the company