get glowing skin with this very simple green smoothie

Tis the season for sad, dry skin again - or at least that's how my skin is looking. I have mentioned before how much I love a book on all things health and beauty that I love called The Beauty Detox Solution, which can be purchased on Amazon for around $15 I believe. One of the things that Kimberly, the author and a registered dietitian, recommends is drinking a "Glowing Green Smoothie" (her name for a smoothie, that is green, obvs). I have been drinking one at least four times a week as a substitute for lunch (I drink a lot of it) and have noticed a huge difference not only in my skin, but also in how I feel throughout the day when I have one. 

There is an official recipe here, but you can really create any variation of this that you want. The mane thing is to make the majority of the smoothie something green. I prefer spinach over kale because it really doesn't have a lot of flavor, so you taste your somewhat tastier ingredients instead of, ya know, raw kale. 

I make mine in a Magic Bullet, which is freakin amazing for smoothies, soups, pesto; pretty much anything that you would do with a blender, this baby will do the same and THEN act as your cup. Totally worth the $20 - also found on Amazon. 

Recipe (My Version): 

About 2 cups of spinach
A banana 
The juice from half of a lemon 
A third of a cup of plain greek yogurt
Half a cup of chopped pineapple (about 6 good-sized cubed pieces)
A handful of fresh mint
A tablespoon of cinnamon 
About 5 ice cubes

I add cinnamon because it is good for blood pressure, but if you are anti cinnamon don't worry about it. You can also get all holiday-themed with it and add a few table spoons of pumpkin pie filling (but watch the sugar and I would buy organic).  If you are making a large batch of this to drink over a few days the lemon juice is important because without it the juice may start to oxidize and change color and not taste as fresh. I also like to add any kind of melon that is in season if I have some on hand or frozen strawberries or blueberries to change it up a bit.

Yum, now I am hungry....enjoy! 


  1. Hi Rachel, found your blog reading interesting tweets and just clicked the link... Nice recipe I'll try it but probably will replace the banana with a melon

    1. Thanks for sharing where you found my blog Caroline! I like to use melon - cube it and put it in the freezer for a bit before blending. I have found that it holds up better if I do that first. XO

  2. Anonymous10/27/2012

    I love the book ! More importantly your recipe sounds amaze. Going to try that. Never thought to incorporate mint into one of my smoothies !! So, it is more like a mojito, ya know ? lol

    1. Hi pretty! Exactly. And if rum falls in there, drink it - you don't want to waste fruit and veggies! ;)


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