caress endless kiss body wash is silky goodness

I've always been very picky about bath products. I have never been a fan of the bath and shower gels that make you smell like a giant fruit basket or a giant field of lavender (although that is a very lovely mental picture). I was excited to try Endless Kiss Silkening Body Wash as soon as I heard that it contained sandalwood and vanilla fragrance, two of my favorites. 

This is a very hydrating and creamy wash. It does not foam up a lot, which to me is a good sign because that usually means that a product is not full of soap and fillers. I have been putting a handful of this in my bath while it is running so that the entire bath smells like sandalwood goodness and then shaving with it. Endless Kiss does not leave a film on your skin and a soft scent remains for a while when after your bath, but nothing overwhelming. I will definitely be repurchasing this body wash! 

Caress products can be found at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and many other retailers. Their body washes run around $6 for 18 oz. 

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  1. This is apparently very smooth and silky. Thanks for sharing the same here