leopard cameo scarf by candystore collective

Happy Thanksgiving! I decided to forgo Black Friday and just start shopping November 1st. There have been so many great sales in the last few weeks that I couldn't resist purchasing a few things for myself. I figure that if I am nicely dressed, I will have an easier time buying things for others. Or...ya know. Something along those lines that justifies me shopping for me. 

I had never heard of Candystore Collective, but a fellow bloggy friend claimed an offer that they had posted (damn you Facebook offers!) so I of course had to check it out. 30% off is basically free, so that is a discount that I do not take lightly. 

It is not an inexpensive site, but they have a very nice assortment of clothing, jewelry and accessories that you don't see everywhere. With my 30% of I purchased this lovely black, white and grey cameo scarf. I love that it goes with almost anything, is very lightweight and after my discount was under $30. I received my order quickly in the mail a few weeks ago and have worn the scarf with everything from a grey sweat outfit (I was running errands and it was cold - don't judge) to a pencil skirt and platforms. 

Use the code above on your first order to get 30% off! I have had an issue with this promo code, but if you follow them on Facebook they often post codes for 30 or 40% off (FREE!!). 

Don't eat to much and happy shopping! 


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