get glossy with fekkai and a very special holiday promo

Me and my hair have very rarely gotten along. It is curly, I wish that it were straight, it wants to be brown, I want it to be almost white-blond, or occasionally black. These things have made our relationship rocky, to say the very least. There are certain beauty products that I will skimp on (there is no need for $15 nail polish remover people!), but when it comes to my hair I am extremely loyal to my brand, and don't mind spending a little more for products that contain amazing ingredients and do what they say they will do. 

About two years ago I was introduced to the Brilliant Glossing Collection from Frederic Fekkai. The first thing that I noticed about the line was how gorgeous the packaging is! I am a total sucker for packaging - I mean, who wants unattractive haircare products lining their tub?? Not me. 

This line also smells amazing, which of course leaves your hair smelling amazing. It is formulated with olive oil using an encapsulated technology that leaves hair shiny from root to tip. No other product line has ever left my hair feeling so soft and looking so healthy. The capsules are regenerated when you run a brush or comb throughout your hair during the day as well, increasing shine and bringing out that lovely, fresh smell again. I use the entire line, but I especially could not live without the Glossing Cream, which makes my curly hair soft and defined on the days that I am lazy and don't straighten my mane, an occurrence that has become more and more frequent since I found this line. This line is a must for anyone that has processed, dry or curly hair. Did I mention that it smells amazing?


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