why make cookies when you can make chocolate dipped chips

I do not like to bake. All those ingredients, the mess, the calories. . .

But I was on Pinterest for eight hours the other day, and ran across an image of chocolate-dipped chips and thought, I can handle that! Since you really don't have to cook anything. At all. 

Just melt half of a bag of chocolate chips in the microwave (about 1 1/2 minutes then stir, otherwise the chocolate will burn and be disgusting and lumpy, which is not good) then dip your kettle chips into it and place them on a cookie sheet. While they are still hot, sprinkle with, ya know, whatever. Sprinkles, those silver beads they insist you can eat but will likely kill you, glitter - anything goes. Then sprinkle with sea salt and viola! Attractive dessert type thing. 

Look how lovely they look placed in a white bowl! Do not try and be low-cal with this. The chunkier and crunchier the chip the better they stand up to the chocolate and the better they taste. That means you need fat, so no reduced fat crap, or those weird baked things. Kettle. Chips. 

These pair nicely with a bottle of zinfandel. Or merlot. Or anything else you feel like drinking a bottle of. 


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