my new spring shoe: the aldo calcagni wedge

When I am searching for shoes ALDO is one of the first sites that I check. There shoes are affordable, well-made and often 4" or higher (a must for me). I spotted the Calcagni wedge in a magazine in February and immediately rushed to my computer to check them out. I was unsure about spending $120 on a wedge, but the site had several color options that ran between $70 and $100, so I opted for a pair in dark purple suede.

The shoes arrived several weeks ago and they are AMAZE! They are very comfortable - seriously, not like the fake comfortable that we women try to claim - and very light. I walked in them for 6 hours and my feet never became uncomfortable.

If $70 is still high for you but you like the look of these shoes, you may want to check out the Plumb wedge. They are similar although a little bit heavier and run between $29 and $50, depending on the color/style.

Tip: if you sign up for emails from ALDO (which you can later unsubscibe from) they will send you a promotional code for 10% off your next purchase.


butter london primrose hill picnic lacquer

I really love a pinky-pink polish for summer, especially on toes. It can be hard to find a color that you can wear for several days though without becoming bored with it in this color range though (or at least that's what happens to me). Butter LONDON's Primrose Hill Picnic is the perfect shade of fuchsia pink; it's not to dark, not to light, and it manages to look good with almost any colors you may be wearing.

The lighting is not great here, but hopefully you can tell that this goes on slightly darker than it appears in the bottle. Every time I wear this people ask what I have on, especially when I use it on my feet and have a bit of a tan.

I'm a huge fan of the shade variety of butter LONDON polishes - use a base and top coat though if you want them to last longer than a day or two without chipping.

ps: there is also a new matching lip gloss available!


tarina tarantino dollskin cheek palette

I have a major girl-crush on Tarina Tarantino; I love all things her, from her pink hair to her ridiculously girlie jewelry line. I was thrilled to hear that she had a makeup line a few years back, but at the same time wondered if it would live up to her aesthetic of if her name was simply being used.

I have been lucky enough to try several of the products in the line and can honestly say that you can tell she has worked as a makeup artist prior to creating it. The colors are highly pigmented and the packaging is gorgeous (I'm a sucker for a good package, tee hee).

The Dollskin Cheek Palette is one of the newest additions to the line. It contains four cheek colors that are all very wearable, ranging from a dusty pink with a bit of sparkle to a sherbet colored peach. At $45 it's not inexpensive, but as I've discussed in the past, a blush palette is a great way to have several different blushes on hand for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them individually. And a palette will likely last forever, or at least a year or two.


i want to be a gypsy warrior

I am constantly looking for new and unusual sites to purchase clothes from. I love H&M as much as the next girlwholovescheapcuteshit, but if you've ever been out for drinks only to look over and see some other girl wearing the same boho dress, you too would look elsewhere for clothes.

Recently I cam across GYPSY WARRIOR, a site full of new trends, as well as one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. Here is the best part: most of their stuff is around $50. There is a beautiful House of Harlow necklace that I have been eyeing for 6 months but have yet to purchase due to its $200 price tag and they have a very similar piece for $28. I mean...wow.

The 100% wool floppy black hat pictured above is $48 currently (Jessica Simpson's version runs about twice as much at Macy's) and the lace bell sleeve dress is also $48.

Finding this site is one of the more exciting things to happen to me so far this month. I spent all morning trying to see how many things I could fit into my shopping cart for under $300...


feeling green

I often find myself purchasing fragrance based 50 percent on the smell and 50 percent on the bottle. I am a huge fan of displaying perfume bottles on a beautiful silver tray, a stack of interesting books, or anything else that you may have lying around that they look amazing on. Having said that, you obviously want to purchase scents that you want to wear as well, so it's exciting to me when a fragrance comes along that smells wonderful and is packaged beautifully. L'Eau de Chloe is one of those fragrances that you want to show off and wear!

The company describes the fragrance like this:

"The fragrance opens with refreshing notes of grapefruit, cedrat and sweet peach, blending with natural rose water and ends with warm notes of cedarwood, patchouli essence and amber for an addictive and distinctive scent."

I had the chance to smell L'Eau de Chloe the other day and think that it will be my new summer fragrance and soon displayed somewhere worthy of its beauty in my apartment.

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