be nice to your hair and buy it a sultra the bombshell

Sephora is so stingy with their discounts, anytime that I get some kind of percent off from them I feel obligated to use it, which is how I ended up with the Sultra The Bombshell 1" curling iron a few months ago. Well, the discount and the fact that all of the YouTube videos that I had seen using this iron ended with hair going from flat to Victoria's Secret worthy waves. 

A funny thing happened when this arrived though: I took it out of the box and immediately placed it back in the box and under my bed, not unlike how I used to store a scary porcelain doll when I was ten so it couldn't attack me at night. I mean, this thing looked like some sort of torture device. The creepy pink glove, complete with the warning "THIS IS NOT HEAT-RESISTANT. DO NOT HOLD IRON TO GLOVE" (or something of that nature) did not help the matter. So the very expensive iron sat untouched for about 4 months. Seriously - I was that concerned/scarred to death. 

Then, sigh, vanity got the best of me. My hair has gone from white to almost black to light brown in less than a year, and is errr...not in the best condition, to say the least. I have been slathering it in Terax for a few months though, and it finally looks like it may not fall out. This of course has made me want to dye it again, but I had told myself no color until fall, so I needed to change it up in another way. I usually straighten it, but for some reason the other day I remembered that I had the Sultra hidden away under my bead and decided to face my fears. 

Thank baby Jesus that I did, because that thing is AH-MAZE-ING! I highly recommend watching this video before using the iron because you don't hold it like you would a conventional clip iron, and because it is hilar when their spokesperson refers to said stupid pink glove as "super sexy", which it is NOT. I sectioned my hair off in four sections and started on the right-front section, working my way around my head the same way they do in the video and ended up with gorgeous, beachy waves in about 20 minutes. I think that it will go much faster in the future now that I have the hang of it and am not fearful for my life. Aside from fearing for my neck and hands I also feared for my hair, but the Sultra didn't damage my hair at all and the waves stayed in place for two days. 

I would suggest getting the 3/4" if your hair doesn't at least touch your shoulders because the 1" is pretty large. And for goodness sake, throw the stupid glove away and just make sure to be very careful when wrapping hair around the iron as not to burn your hand off. 


the updated friendship bracelet from lemon & line

I am thrilled with the recent arm-candy obsession that can be seen all over the internet in recent months. It seems like every third Instagram picture in my feed is of a cute girl with a wrist piled nearly to her elbow with chains, watches and beaded bracelets. It is WONDERFUL! 

An arm full of interesting baubles can spice up just about any outfit and does not have to be an expensive investment. I like to mix edgy bracelets (spikes and studs anyone?), a gold Marc Jacobs watch and a few feminine pieces such as the Newport by Lemon & Line. Lemon & Line is a site full of    nautically inspired rope bracelets in bright colors, all for around $25. The jewelry is hand-crafted in Newport Rhode Island and currently has three collections available, as well as a LTD collection. I am especially in love with the fact that the bracelets come in a range of sizes for those of us with wrists that stopped growing when we were 10.

Purchase four or five of these and give them out to your friends - that way when you're out together people will think that you're part of a secret club. A secret club whose members have really good taste.


i'm sad for you if you haven't tried lush's the comforter bubble bar

Although this looks like desert, it is actually The Comforter, one of the most amazing bath products ever to be created (IMO). Lush is known for creating delicious beauty products using organic fruits and vegetables, essential oils and safe synthetics. They also do not test on animals and barely use any packaging so that their products are as environmentally friendly as possible. 

In case all of that doesn't sound fabulous enough, Lush also is the genius behind The Comforter, a bubble bar that turns your entire bath pink and makes it smell of candy - blackcurrant candy, to be specific. 

At around $10 a bar, The Comforter is not inexpensive; however, I divide it into four pieces with a sharp knife and find that 1/4 of the bar is plenty for my bathtub. I suppose if you have a Mariah-Carey-worthy setup in your bathroom you may want to use half of the bar as their website suggests, but if that's the case I would just buy 50 The Comforters and lay in a pink bubble bath drinking champagne whilst still in high heels all day. Obvs.

For now, my normal tub and I are very content with our (literal) small chunk of pink, foamy, candy heaven. 


jefferson shoes: the anti-croc in adorable pastels

I am convinced that Crocs were invented by someone at Vogue Magazine in order to easily spot people with questionable taste. Yes, they may be light and comfortable, but they make adults look like they have Mickey Mouse feet (and that is me being nice about them and the people that wear them). 
Jefferson Shoes are also light and comfortable, but they come in a wide range of colors, including pastels, and classic styles like boats and mods. They are even adding a rain boot to their SS12 collection called the Paddington that will make your Hunter's jelly.

Be the first of your friends to grab a pair for summer, and if you're wearing them and someone says "oh, those are like Crocs", don't be offended - just give them a disapproving look and say a silent prayer for them...


boscia limited edition japanese print green tee blotting linens

Years ago my grandmother bought me blotting papers from Crabtree & Evelyn. They thankfully no longer make them any longer because I would likely still buy them due to nostalgia and they made me look like a powdery mess. Blotting papers have come a long way in the last 10 years, most of them no longer being caked in perfumey powder and so thick that it was like wiping your face down with a cheap paper towel (ouch). 

My personal favorite is the Boscia Green Tree Blotting Linen. They are relatively inexpensive at around $10 for 100 sheets and do not contain any fragrance, dyes or alcohol. I press one over my t-zone after I put on foundation and before I use a setting spray and occasionally pull one out after a long night of dancing. Hahaha. That doesn't really happen much; mostly I just use them after applying foundation. 

Currently Sephora an Beauty Bar have these in a limited edition print (normally they container is green as seen at Ulta) which is very pretty at no extra cost. If you're considering trying the Boscia Blotting Linens, I would personally try to find one of Ulta's amazing $5 off $10 or more coupons in a magazine or online, seeing as how that would make them $5. 

Basically free? 


jergens natural glow foaming daily moisturizer

Recently I went on a three day trip with seven of my girlfriends. Between the booze and shopping we had a lot of time to talk beauty products; what we had tried recently and whether or not we loved it. My girlfriend Heather looked very tan, which is odd because I know that she is all about sunblock and doesn't  do tanning beds (because they are evil and can kill you). Others noticed her glowing limbs as well, and when asked what the deal was, she proclaimed her love for Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer.

I was already a fan of the Jergens Natural Glow Lotion prior to discovering the fluffy foamy goodness of their newest self tanner. The only issues I had with the lotion was that it seemed to be streaky on the legs the first few times you use it (until you achieve a glow) and it smelled umm...non-natural. Kind of like a dirty tanning salon, which is not an attractive summer scent. 

 After shaking the hell out of the container of Foaming Daily Moisturizer - a must, otherwise it's runny, I spread this thickly all over my legs, arms, chest and torso. Then I go back and rub it into my skin in a circular motion, making sure not to miss any areas. I don't find this to be moisturizing at all, but I do tend to have dry skin. It does, however, give my skin an amazingly natural glow in a few hours that builds each time I use it. I also love that this dries very quickly, is not sticky at all and has virtually no oder! For under $10 a bottle I would highly suggest buying this in bulk. It would also make a great summertime birthday or baby shower present for your ginger/pale friends. I know mine are getting some!