le curler, lancome's latest beauty innovation and perfect lashes in 3 steps

Check out the latest innovation in lashes from Lancome! This video demonstrates how to get amazing curled lashes in 3 easy steps! 

if angels wear platforms then they must wear the ASOS halo platform

Somewhere in heaven right now there are angels admiring each others ASOS Halo Platforms, their opaque nude upper and gold tiled wedge...

These shoes are seriously pretty fabulous. They manage to look retro and fun while making your legs look longer in the way that only a nude shoe can, all while extending you upwards almost five inches. Magical. Lightweight and comfortable, these babies are only $82.85 (they couldn't just make them $80? Oh well.) and ship for free on the ASOS site to the US if you spend a total of $150, which is not hard to do.

I'm convinced that these would look amazing with tights as well, making them technically multi-season shoes, making the cost + usage = practically free. I may be losing money if I DON'T purchase these as soon as possible. 

my skin is loving youthH20

Although it is not unusual for me to have three a glass of wine throughout the week, I limit myself to one cup of coffee a day, don't really drink soda and down water like I run five miles daily (I do not). I also try to eat healthy, juice at least once a month and workout three times a week due to my firm belief that how you take care of your body is evident on your face. 

I am always up for trying new things to add to my (somewhat) healthy lifestyle, so when the kind folks at youthH20 gave me the chance to try a month for free I was ecstatic! YouthH20 is an "Age Defying Energy Shot" full of vitamin C, vitamins B12 and B6, Niacin, Folic Acid and other natural antioxidants. The idea is to take the 2oz shot five times a week for 3 weeks, take a week off and then start the process again. At the end of two to three weeks the company states that you will feel more energy, have improved collagen production and boosted immunity and metabolism. 

I have been taking youthH20 for about 3 weeks now an absolutely notice a difference in my energy throughout the day. I also tend to have a lot of redness and flushing throughout the day and have noticed that it is much less frequent when I drink my daily shot. I love the fact that this product is free of caffeine as well. 

The shot is much easier to drink when cold, and I actually sometimes put it in 16oz of purified water and drink it like that. While it is not inexpensive at around $50 a month, if you take into consideration the fact that nastyass (sp? Nasty-ass?) Red Bull is awful for you and costs around $4 for a single can, $50 for 15 shots is not bad at all. Your skin will thank you.

Side note: if you happen to drink err...a few glasses of wine throughout the week, this stuff is full of B-Vitamins, making it fantastic for a hangover. So I hear. 

get glowing with the dr. dennis gross age erase recovery mask

I have professed my love of hyaluronic acid in the past, but in case I didn't get my point across, I will now discuss my love of masks that contain hyaluronic acid. To be more specific, my new love for the Age Recovery Mask from Dr. Dennis Gross

Dr. Dennis Gross is all about anti-aging, and probably most known for his Alpha Beta Daily Face Peels. The Age Erase Recovery Mask is another treatment product within his line that I think compliments the Alpha Beta Peel amazingly. The mask is self-heating, contains professional strength hyaluronic acid and active vitamin D. The combination of the hyaluronic and the mask warming up on your skin feels so soothing, especially of you have "crunchy" skin, like myself. 

I like to use a peel (the Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Peels are great, but any glycolic or salicylic peel that you love is fine) to get my skin nice and exfoliated and then apply this mask and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes. The directions will tell you to use the mask weekly, but I find that every two weeks or twice a month is enough to keep my skin soft and glowing. 

Not that anyone NEEDS to see that I actually use this product, but I do, as proven here in unnecessarymaskpic, or UMP. It is worth pointing out that the product tends to pool in the areas on my cheeks and around my mouth that tend to be the most dry. I definitely feel like my makeup, foundation especially, goes on one-million times smoother after I have used the Age Recovery Mask. 

Side note: if you have acneic or even just very oily skin you may despise this mask. It is extremely thick, somewhat hard to remove and leaves skin feeling slightly sticky.