why make cookies when you can make chocolate dipped chips

I do not like to bake. All those ingredients, the mess, the calories. . .

But I was on Pinterest for eight hours the other day, and ran across an image of chocolate-dipped chips and thought, I can handle that! Since you really don't have to cook anything. At all. 

Just melt half of a bag of chocolate chips in the microwave (about 1 1/2 minutes then stir, otherwise the chocolate will burn and be disgusting and lumpy, which is not good) then dip your kettle chips into it and place them on a cookie sheet. While they are still hot, sprinkle with, ya know, whatever. Sprinkles, those silver beads they insist you can eat but will likely kill you, glitter - anything goes. Then sprinkle with sea salt and viola! Attractive dessert type thing. 

Look how lovely they look placed in a white bowl! Do not try and be low-cal with this. The chunkier and crunchier the chip the better they stand up to the chocolate and the better they taste. That means you need fat, so no reduced fat crap, or those weird baked things. Kettle. Chips. 

These pair nicely with a bottle of zinfandel. Or merlot. Or anything else you feel like drinking a bottle of. 

get glossy with fekkai and a very special holiday promo

Me and my hair have very rarely gotten along. It is curly, I wish that it were straight, it wants to be brown, I want it to be almost white-blond, or occasionally black. These things have made our relationship rocky, to say the very least. There are certain beauty products that I will skimp on (there is no need for $15 nail polish remover people!), but when it comes to my hair I am extremely loyal to my brand, and don't mind spending a little more for products that contain amazing ingredients and do what they say they will do. 

About two years ago I was introduced to the Brilliant Glossing Collection from Frederic Fekkai. The first thing that I noticed about the line was how gorgeous the packaging is! I am a total sucker for packaging - I mean, who wants unattractive haircare products lining their tub?? Not me. 

This line also smells amazing, which of course leaves your hair smelling amazing. It is formulated with olive oil using an encapsulated technology that leaves hair shiny from root to tip. No other product line has ever left my hair feeling so soft and looking so healthy. The capsules are regenerated when you run a brush or comb throughout your hair during the day as well, increasing shine and bringing out that lovely, fresh smell again. I use the entire line, but I especially could not live without the Glossing Cream, which makes my curly hair soft and defined on the days that I am lazy and don't straighten my mane, an occurrence that has become more and more frequent since I found this line. This line is a must for anyone that has processed, dry or curly hair. Did I mention that it smells amazing?

don't just cleanse your face, deep cleansing oil your face with DHC

I have bitched about addressed the issue of having to deal with extremely dry, uncomfortable skin here a few times, but seriously, this year it is out of control. I decided, for some reason still not truly clear to me, to go back to school this fall. That has meant sitting in classrooms containing air possibly from 1970, with no windows in sight and massive amounts of dry heat coming from air ducts that have likely not been cleaned since 1970.

Now I am grossed out. 

Anyway, a friend suggested that I try Deep Cleansing Oil by DHC, a brand that I had not really ever considered, or heard a lot about. Having grown up with very oily skin (oh, those were the days...), the idea of rubbing oil all over my face in order to clean it freaked me out. I was convinced that my face would immediately rebel, break out, maybe fall off, I dunno...

But no. This product is saving my life right now. Okay, dramatic, but it is saving my skin. I had become so dry that it was taking a handful of moisturizer immediately prior to foundation to get it to go on without cracking. After a few weeks of using Deep Cleansing Oil I am happy to say I am crack-free. 

The cleanser contains olive fruit and rosemary leaf oil. It has a very light, pleasant oder. You can apply it directly to your face dry, which is best for removing makeup, or use a tiny bit of water with it to create a foam. I  apply about a quarter-sized amount dry and then wet my Clarisonic, run that over my face and rinse. Unless I have doused myself in mascara, which does happen, this will remove all of my eye make up. If I am covered in liner and mascara (again, very likely), I apply a little of the oil to a cotton ball and massage my eyes with that first and then proceed with my normal cleansing routine. 

Purchase the huge 6.7oz bottle - don't be chicken and go with the sad little one. You will not regret it. If nothing else this is an amazing eye-makeup remover, and at under $30 a steal. Before making a purchase of any kind online, always Google something like "product name coupon code" and check Retailmenot and other such sites for discount codes. DHC offers 20% off coupons fairly regularly. 

Smart girls never pay full-price for price for retail. That way you save money and can buy more shoes!