obsession: tramp shower gel by LUSH

I never understood women's love of bath products until the day I fell in love with LUSH. After experiencing a bath with handmade, highly concentrated products from LUSH Cosmetics, you too will understand why someone (me) would pay $10 for a bath bomb, a.k.a. - something that you put in a bathtub that dissolves and then is gone forever. It is worth the money though dammit! 

But I don't always have time to lounge around in a tub full of pink, silky bath bomb infused water, much to my serious dismay, so occasionally I shower. Recently I realized that even though I am forced to stand while bathing, I can still enjoy it it. That is, with my new $28 shower gel from LUSH called Tramp! Why would I pay over $30 for a shower gel (don't forget about shipping - Tramp is only available online)?


1. It is called Tramp, which is funny
2. It is almost 17oz, so it's not like they're being stingy
3. Their website said I would emerge from my shower smelling like an enchanted forest

Sold. To me. For way to much money to spend on shower gel. 

Really though, I cannot even begin to truly express my amorous feelings for this shower gel. It makes your skin extremely soft, and they were not lying, I do smell like an enchanted forest after I use it. Somewhere between an enchanted forest and a very clean hippie...

 I never knew that I could feel this way about a bath product. I usually reserve this level of obsession over a product for lip products. That's how I know this stuff is the real deal. Everyone needs a Tramp in their shower! 


  1. Anonymous12/25/2013

    I am similarly obsessed. However, they have done the unthinkable and discontinued it. I am heartbroken. There was no warning - it just went.