deborah lippmann fashion is, well, uber fashionable

I knew that Fashion Week was fast approaching when I received my 15 pound Vogue in the mail about a month ago. It has been skimmed through a few hundred times, and is now acting as a bookend, along with last year's September issue. I figured since I cannot be in New York to participate in the festivities, at least  my nails could be fashionable, so I through meticulously clothed them in one of my go-to polishes, Deborah Lippmann's Fashion

I have discussed my deep love for Lippmann polish before, but this is absolutely one of my favorite colors from her line, and one that I find myself using at least a few times a month. It was created I believe a few years back specifically for Fashion Week, and is basically like your nails but better. It is a creamy nude that makes nails look "done" but without trying too hard. The ultimate fashion goal. I could compare what it does for your hands to what a good pair of nude heels does for your legs, as in it somehow makes your fingers look longer and skinnier. Amaze.

All of her polishes are what is now known as "three-free", or free from formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP), all chemicals that have come into question in regard to how safe they are for us. 

Deborah also has a very cool and inspiring story about her rise to fashion and beauty nail fame, so pour some coffee and Google her! I think that's what I will be doing on this cold, rainy morning in Kansas City.


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