i fell in love with a $195 dollar flat, Tieks

I was causally strolling around online the other day looking for a basic: the simple, black, understated and inexpensive flat.

Yeah. Right. 

I cannot manage to find inexpensive shoes. I have no problem finding amazing deals on clothing and accessories (handbags do not count as they are investments - entirely different category), but when it comes to shoes I get excited when they are under $200. This would be fine if I were very rich and had no debt. Not the case though. 

So, I happened upon this site that had extremely attractive images, a great design, a fun color scheme (I am still talking about the site, have not gotten to shoes yet) and the cutest flats. Ever. "Fantastic!", I thought to me. An entire site full of gorgeously colored flats made out of the finest Italian leather in the....


I left the page describing all of the amazingness that is the Tiek brand, returned to the product page I had been viewing, the Obsidian Black,  which is described as:

"Make a bold, sophisticated statement in Obsidian Black. These black, crinkle patent Tieks are the perfect go-between flats when workdays spill over into party nights. The crinkle and sophisticated patent shine of this Italian leather flat is sure to polish off any look year-round"

and then nearly passed out when I saw that my new shoe crush is $195 a pair. Even if you break that down by foot, it is still $97.50. I DO wear flats multiple times throughout the week though, so if you break it down by wears throughout the week that is like, maybe around $32.50 per-foot-per-wear. That is not that bad! Also, I may try and make per-foot-per-wear happen. PFPW? If we start looking at our shoe purchases on a per foot and usage cost as opposed to what we pay upfront, we can totally convince ourselves that we're saving money. 

I have heard a lot of very good things about the Tiek flat, and they ship for free, well, minus that almost $200 you spent on a flat...

I'm thinking it over.