the curated collection - skull style, neon camoflauge

I was just searching around on the Ron Robinson website (which is kind of amazing if you've not checked it out) for inexpensive stationary when I came across this amazing thing. The Curated Collection - Skull Style is 500 pages of beautiful images of skulls in contemporary art and fashion. 

"This 500-page book shows how this once morbid trinket of death has been reinvented into the much-desired decoration by the trendsetters of tomorrow."

My somewhat unhealthy obsession with skulls makes me feel like I need this. Desperately. By desire to be able to pay rent, very unfortunately, is not allowing me to purchase it due to the $125 price tag. That being said, if you have an amazingly cool friend that loves art and fashion and is slightly morbid, this gorgeous book, complete with 525 color photos, a glow-in-the-dark hardcover and its own box, would be the perfect gift this Christmas. I will be very jealous of that friend...