a fresh start

I had been debating changing the look of my blog since last summer, but life got in the way, kicked my ass, and that just never happened. 

If you are an OCD perfectionist with the tendency to over analyze all things, first, I am very sorry, as I know how awful that can be, but second, you know that when you don't like how something looks you don't want to look at it. That was how I was feeling about blogging and my little blog. I was angry with it for not having a name I thought was cute and "me" and for not quite looking the way I imagined it. Therefore, I stopped looking at it. 

Fast forward to last week when I was reading some of my favorite blogs and noticed that Jenn Coyle of Hello Brio had upgraded her blog and added a design studio. I have known Jenn in the blogger world for several years now and felt like I knew her esthetic and trusted her work ethic, so I thought "F it I, am doing this like right NOW". 

Which is not how life works, so it took a few days for me to decide what I wanted and for Jenn to implement what I had decided on for me. That is still very fast, so thank you Jenn for your awesome work! My new header makes me happy every time it pops up on my screen.

Me not blogging sure as hell doesn't mean that I didn't continue to purchase (too?) many shiny things and surf the web for all things glittery and attractive, so I am excited to get back to sharing what I love. 


  1. You got it done.


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