kate spade "all that glitters" definitely delivers on the glitter

Now say that three times...

Valentine's Day can suck if you're expecting someone else to shower you in sparkly things and flowers, or if you're aware that no one is going to shower you in sparkly things or flowers. That is why I firmly believe in buying yourself things that make you happy. Especially when they come in a hot pink and orange striped box with gold embellishment, like this Kate Spade 'Idiom - all that glitters' necklace. 

This dainty (know that it is dainty - some reviewers were not pleased because they expected a large, heavy pendant) pave and crystal necklace has an 18" adjustable chain, making it the perfect length for every-day wear. I appreciate its attention to detail and the fact that it looks and feels expensive because it is actually only around $50. Bargain. 

This is a piece that could certainly be work on its own, but I have been wearing it with a House of Harlow pendant that I am possibly obsessed with and love how they look together. 

I am aware that Valentine's Day has come and gone this year , thank goodness, bah humbug, but there is never really a time that you should not be looking for sparkly things for you. 

In my opinion. 


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