you need: vestige lipstick holder by anthropologie

My friend Caitlin and I are self-proclaimed Anthopologie whores. I like there clothing, but it's their tiny, overpriced, unnecessary knickknacks that get me every time: $18 for one door knob that is not an antique but looks kind of like an antique? Sure! I'll take two!

Knowing this, when I opened my birthday present this year to reveal a lovely little lipstick holder, there was now doubt in my mind where she had found this tiny treasure.

It had to be from Anthro*.

"An Anthropologie exclusive inspired by our Albeit lipstick collection" 

My take on the above sentence is that Anthopologie created a $30 lipstick holder for their $20 lipsticks. And it is awesome. It's lightweight but sturdy and holds six tubes of lipstick. It comes in both copper and gold (pictured is the gold) and is 2.25" in height and 8.25" in length. I currently have it sitting in front of the mirror that I, much like a 16 year old girl, still sit in front of and do my makeup. Someday I'll become an adult and purchase a vanity I suppose, but for now I prefer to sit among the brushes, gloss and powder, making this lipstick holder one of the few elegant things going on around my full-length mirror. It's small enough to easily fit on most counter tops, dressers and vanities.

Price: $28
Buy: Vestige Lipstick Holder

*Anthro is what you get to snobbishly call Anthropologie when you've spent at least several hundred dollars there in candles, owl figurines and tea towels. 


  1. "Anthopologie created a $30 lipstick holder for their $20 lipsticks." Hilarious.

    It's sad though, you're right - I totally need this. Maybe I'll check etsy or pinterest for some other lipstick holder inspiration that would cost a little less ;)


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  3. Anonymous3/27/2015

    Srsly,this is a necessity... good post:D

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